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Over the past 30 years, Dr. Monastra has treated more than 15,000 clients who have ADHD. In this indispensable book he shares the knowledge he has gained. 

Children with ADHD struggle so much with inattention or hyperactivity and impulsivity that they have trouble succeeding at home, at school, with friends, or on the playing field. Parenting Children With ADHD, now in its second edition, shows how you can become your child’s best advocate, helping to improve attention, behavioral control, and social skills.

Engaging and straightforward, the book is directed at caregivers of children who have, or might have, ADHD. Dr. Monastra discusses all the relevant issues for parents, including psychological treatment, diet, educational laws, and practical coping strategies for both parents and children. It shows how to obtain a comprehensive evaluation, how to get help from school systems, and how to use medication and parenting techniques to significantly reduce ADHD symptoms.

Updates in this edition include:

  • new procedures and tests for diagnosing ADHD;
  • empirically-supported psychological treatments for ADHD, including neurotherapy;
  • tips for developing a safe, supportive educational environment for your child;
  • a new chapter on teaching life values such as kindness, generosity and compassion; and
  • caregiver-friendly lessons that are helpfully sequenced to be covered “one at a time,” beginning with the causes of ADHD and the most common medical treatments.


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