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Lead a foundational shift in the way your school approaches student behavior.¬†Trauma-Sensitive Leadership¬†offers research-based, practical strategies for understanding and supporting trauma-impacted students rather than “fix” them. Using straightforward language, the authors illustrate how to integrate new mindsets into daily practice to get to the core of critical issues like social-emotional safety and wellness for students and adults alike.

Using this guide to address critical issues readers will:

  • Understand childhood trauma and the impact traumatic experiences have on both students and educators.
  • Develop a trauma-sensitive attitude and mindset to help lead teachers in supporting students experiencing trauma.
  • Examine school structures and environments that support trauma-sensitive practices while recognizing those that may contribute to trauma.
  • Learn how to develop trusting and positive relationships with trauma-impacted students and their families.
  • Plan and maintain a trauma-informed school beyond the initial years of implementation.


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